The discovery, the development and the health benefits of the RGTA® technology was possible thanks to many researchers, technicians, science students as well as well as the patients included in the clinical studies and the animals in the precilinical studies.

Among the long list of prinicpal investigators who have contributed to the development of the RGTA® field and collaborated with Pr. Denis Barritault, are:

  • Pr J.P. Caruelle 
  • Pr J. Gautron 
  • Pr P.Desgranges
  • Pr D. Loisance 
  • Pr J. L. Saffar
  • Pr A. Meddahi Pele
  • Pr J.M. Denoix
  • Pr D. Papy Garcia
  • Pr H. Van Neck
  • Pr A. Aamiri
  • Pr B. Boilly
  • Pr I. Martelly
  • Pr D. Caruelle
  • Dr G. Zakine